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Simple 1:1 conversion with QC-ERC20, No limits. No exchange loss. No hassles.

QC-ERC20 1 : 1 QC-QRC20

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The QCash  token is an  QRC20  token existing on  QTUM networks created by the Quickcash team.

Using QC tokens, users are able to trade, participate in DeFi ecosystems and take out loans using their digital assets as collateral. QC is one of the largest non-USD pegged stablecoins in existence with cross-wallet circulation exceeding 560 million tokens as of May 31st, 2020.

Issue time: 2011-11-09


White paper:

Use QC to Quickly link your global resources

Everyday more and more wallets, exchanges, platforms, applications and service providers partner with QuickCash to support the QC token. Together we will change the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem for the better.